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28 February
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Hi. I'm Megan. I am a girl, a sister, a daughter, a photographer, a poet, sometimes obnoxious, loud, hurt, insane, creative, pretty, addicted, loving, giving, and sad, among other things. I usually get along with everyone. I don't know who I am or what I want to be. I have no direction. I am passionate. About a lot of things. Like music and writing and photography, but mostly movies. I love movies. I'm tired. Tired of a lot of things, but mostly I just want to sleep. I wish I could sleep away my problems, but who doesn't? I wish I could medicate myself for so long that I won't remember what it feels like to be sober. I wish I knew what to do. About everything. I am usually a very decisive person. Unless it's a decision that actually matters. Then I let it sit until someone decides for me or the moment passes and I'm left alone and directionless once again.